Age 4, Maryland

Meet Xiomara. After spending the first five months of her life in the hospital, Xiomara is eager to explore the outside world. She loves going to the playground, library, school, and grocery store. She enjoys meeting new people and visiting new places. Most of all, she loves watching Sesame Street and playing with her big brother.

Xiomara has Tracheobronchomalacia, Chronic Lung Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Global Development Delays. She has a tracheostomy and is ventilator and oxygen dependent. She also has a feeding tube for all her nutrition needs.

Despite a healthy pregnancy and uncomplicated birth, Xiomara was born with multiple significant health issues. Access to quality health care covered by our health insurance means Xiomara received the care she needed during an extended NICU hospitalization, and she can now live at home with her family and be monitored by specialists in regular outpatient appointments.

Medicaid has helped Xiomara receive the habilitative therapies she needs to catch up on her developmental milestones, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, and speech therapy.

If lifetime caps or pre-existing conditions are reinstated, she could be uninsurable and our family could be bankrupted...and she still wouldn’t get the medical care she needed thus severely impacting her quality of life.

Submitted by Elena Hung, Xiomara’s mother