Our Story

Like all the best ideas, Little Lobbyists began as a kitchen table conversation between friends. Late one evening Elena Hung and Michelle Morrison, co-founders of Little Lobbyists, sat with a friend discussing their concerns for their community of kids with complex medical needs. The news from D.C. had everyone worried but not everyone had access to their representatives. If a legislator from far away wouldn't listen to their constituents, how could they know how important programs and protections like the ACA, Medicaid, ADA, and IDEA are for families reliant on specialized health care, accessible public spaces, and inclusive education? 

A simple plan was formed: take photos and stories of kids with complex medical needs directly to their legislators. Deliver them in person with their own kids (and their trachs, ventilators, oxygen, wheelchairs, walkers, leg braces, feeding tubes, and more...) so lawmakers could see first-hand who needs the protection of the very laws and programs under threat. 

After our first trip to Capitol Hill in June of 2017 it was clear we had so much more work to do. One trip turned into many. We’ve continued to collect stories from all over the country, visit legislators to educate them about kids with complex medical needs in their own states, and spread awareness about issues that impact our families. We’ve been joined by dozens more families in Washington D.C. who’ve made personal connections with policy makers. We’ve connected with thousands more through social media, television interviews, news articles, press conferences, and more. We’ve come a long way, learned an incredible amount, met inspiring allies, had countless conversations with adversaries, and fought some really big battles. And we're not done yet.

Our goal is for the United States to become a place where the government does not repeal, but rather advances and champions, policies and laws that protect the livelihood and future of our children. We hope one day soon all parties will come together to map a path to better health care, education, and community inclusion for every person with complex medical needs and disabilities. 

We work every day toward that goal, to help guide our country toward the healthier, happier future our children deserve.