Age 2, Kentucky

Meet Teddy. Teddy loves music, being outdoors, and reading books – front to back!

Teddy was born at 29 weeks with VACTERL association, a group of birth defects that are often present in a single child. Some conditions were minor, but he had Esophageal Atresia (esophagus was not connected), and Sacral Agenesis (missing tailbone). He spent his first 7 months in hospitals in KY and Boston, and his EA is now repaired.

Teddy currently needs several weekly therapies to help with sensory and eating issues, and specialized equipment for mobility. He eats most of his calories through an abdominal feeding tube, but slowly is learning to eat by mouth. 

Access to affordable health care is vital to Teddy's quality of life. The home-based community waiver he has helps with daycare for medically sensitive children, expenses for surgery and therapy, and many other important benefits. Even with our quality health coverage through our employers, we would be unable to provide the care Teddy needs to thrive without Medicaid. 

Submitted by Teddy's Dad, Jason