Age 7, California

Meet Myka. She loves the Girl Scouts, ice skating, playing with her friends.

CURRENT MEDICAL NEEDS:  Myka has a congenital heart defect. She's already had two open heart surgeries and will need a third in future.

WHAT DOES ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE QUALITY HEALTHCARE MEAN TO YOU?  No lifetime caps (she hit $500k before first birthday) and no discrimination for preexisting condition.

HOW HAS THE ACA AND/OR MEDICAID HELPED YOU?  We have a private, unsubsidized healthcare plan due to my husband opening his own business. He was able to do so b/c the ACA protected Myka.

HOW WOULD MEDICAID CUTS AND/OR ROLLBACK OF ACA PROTECTIONS AFFECT CLAIRE?   She could lose her healthcare due to her serious preexisting condition.

Submitted by Angela, Myka's mother