Age 4 Louisiana

Meet Louie. Louie is a bright, funny, sweet kid who's always quick with a hug. He loves reading and numbers, painting, Thomas the Tank Engine and playing in water, sand and dirt. 

Louie has autism spectrum disorder and global developmental delay. He uses a communication device to speak and he receives more than 30 hours of therapy a week, including speech, occupational, physical and ABA. 

Louie's family has health care coverage through the ACA exchanges. The increasing cost of health care is a burden for Louie's family, and his mom says they have to sacrifice a lot to afford his care. But that isn't what has been keeping her up at night:

"What I lose sleep over isn’t the thought of paying for the insurance; it’s the fear that my child could lose access to these protections altogether. He would never have been insurable before the ACA. I have spoken to families who were bankrupted trying to keep up with therapy bills. What I want is for my child to have the best possible shot at living a healthy and happy life. But he needs this care for that to happen."

Submitted by Kathleen Ide, Louie’s mother