Age 6, Virginia

Meet Jack. He loves all things science related, especially weather and storms. He does experiments of his own making regularly. He also loves to swim in the ocean and play with other children.

Jack has Cystic Fibrosis, Allergic Broncho Pulmonary Aspergillosis, and Distal Intestinal Obstructive Syndrome.

WHAT DOES ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE QUALITY HEALTHCARE MEAN TO YOU?  Everything, it is the difference between life and death for my baby and thousands of other children like him.

HOW HAS THE ACA AND/OR MEDICAID HELPED YOU?  Eliminating pre-existing conditions, my son has been a pre-existing condition since 4 weeks of age. He already cannot get life insurance; prior to the elimination of pre-existing conditions our options and his for healthcare were so much more limited. Should we have a lapse in coverage at any time, it was feasible that he could go without care for a minimum of 12 months while we wait out the clause...that would be fatal for him. We cannot afford his care on our own, just one of his 14 medications is $19k per month, another is $6k per month. He needs them to perform the basic function of breathing.

HOW WOULD MEDICAID CUTS AND/OR ROLLBACK OF ACA PROTECTIONS AFFECT JACK?  The return of pre-existing conditions is the most terrifying aspect for me. Why should an insurer be allowed to tell a child who was born with a condition that they are too much of a risk to insure? Neither I nor my son chose this for him; my government should be doing everything in its power to help me save him and children like him. They are important, their lives matter. They need to be given every opportunity to thrive and participate in every moment of their life just as healthy people do.

Submitted by Tasha, Jack’s mother