Age 4, North Carolina

Meet Emma. Emma enjoys playing with balls, blocks and exploring outside in the grass.

Current Medical Needs: Emma doesn’t have an overarching diagnosis, but she is a twin born at 28 weeks with bilateral vocal cord paralysis (BVCP), neurological deficiencies, global developmental delay, severe Reflux/GERD, nonverbal with tracheostomy and gastrostomy, and pulmonary disease. Emma needs 24h "eyes on" care. She requires frequent suctioning to clear secretions from her trach, multiple nebulizer medications, 100% gtube feeds (16hrs/day), incontinence support along with 100% support needed for self-care.

What does access to affordable quality health care mean to you? Not drowning in debt to provide basic, life-sustaining care for my child.

How has the ACA and/or Medicaid helped you? Our private insurance will not cover Emma's in home nursing, a majority of her general and respiratory supplies and the frequent therapies she needs to make progress. Medicaid is covering that different that would be financially insurmountable if she were to lose it.

Read more about Emma in this Op-Ed written by her mom, "Hold Your Breath."