Age 9, Alaska

Meet Claire. She loves her dogs and meeting people.  A social butterfly with no fear. Lots of hugging for everyone.  Most well-known child advocate in the state.  Loves music and dancing.

Claire is a trauma survivor - completely blind, seizure disorder, severe developmental delays and mental health complications due to child abuse and attack at 3 months of age.

CURRENT MEDICAL NEEDS:  Speech therapy, OT, PT, psychiatrist, medication, neurological care for seizures, compromised immune system, behavior management, aides for blindness

WHAT DOES ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE QUALITY HEALTHCARE MEAN TO YOU?  Funding for the services necessary for Claire to receive and still live at home.  She is a child who would require nursing home level of care without these services.

HOW HAS THE ACA AND/OR MEDICAID HELPED YOU?  Saved her life!  Without Medicaid and services available, she wouldn't be able to speak or walk. Couldn't go to school or have friends and live with her adopted family who adores her. She would have died or been institutionalized (worse).

HOW WOULD MEDICAID CUTS AND/OR ROLLBACK OF ACA PROTECTIONS AFFECT CLAIRE?   Funding cuts would reduce services and states would be forced to cap the amount of money allocated per recipient; prescription coverage is considered optional!  Her meds are $7K per months; without them her seizures would require her to be hospitalized at last daily - seen through the ER.

Claire is an amazing child who inspires others daily by overcoming her challenges, and helps her grandmother advocate for all disabled children in Alaska.  She is at protests, rallies, political functions and regularly appears before the State Legislature.

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Submitted by Shelly, Claire's grandmother