Age 8, Pennsylvania

Meet Abigail. She loves music and dancing. She loves to move with the trees when the wind makes the leaves dance. She loves all things Disney likes to cuddle her Mickey Mouse dolls. She loves her big sister and her big brother. She is the most authentic person you will ever meet, never afraid to just be herself.

Abby has a rare genetic syndrome called Primrose Syndrome. She has epilepsy and mitochondrial dysfunction which impacts many of her organs. Medicaid helps her family significantly. Even though her family has private employer-based insurance, it wouldn't be possible to afford Abby's extensive medical bills without Medicaid. It has been essential in allowing Abby to access the care she needs to grow, live, and participate in her community.

Abby is Deaf-blind and attends third grade at a local school for Deaf children. Even though she can't speak or sign, she understands what people are saying and she cherishes her friendships. At school, Abby receives multiple therapies and specialized education. Medicaid assists the school district in funding these therapies as well as the 1-1 aide that Abby needs.

Abby uses a wheelchair when she is out in public, which means she needs accessible rams in stores and restaurants as well as accessible public transportation. Additionally, as a Deaf child, Abby needs an American Sign Language interpreter in order to understand what is being said. The ADA allows Abby to access her community, just like every other kid.

Submitted by Erin Gabriel, Abby’s mother